Formula to Fitness

Hey Charge Nation. You’ve found what I believe to be the most exciting thing about this blog yet!

Over the next month or so, near enough every day, I’ll be posting steps on how to get your journey down the health and fitness track started…

Quite simply I’m going to call this series; Formula To Fitness, mainly as I like maths and also thought it sounded pretty cool.

What this will be will be a step-by-step guidebook that you can follow to get you started in the world of exercise and nutrition, to stop you from getting lost, or even just keep you on track. The way it’ll be laid out will ensure that you come away from every article, every day with a new tip or knowledge to push you towards your next goal. It will also allow anyone with absolutely zero knowledge on these subjects go from day one’s article all the way through to the final day.




Quite simply as an example, I’m going to break it down into sections like this.

  1. Goal Setting – It’s Importance
  2. Nutrition
    1. Tracking
    2. Macros (what the hell’s a macro)
    3. Basic fundamentals
    4. Hydration
    5. Strategies and Hacks
    6. Eating For Goals
    7. Food prep and food prep ‘recipes’
  3. Exercise – This will be referenced throughout the guidebook, giving examples of workouts you can do to get started, but will go into so much more detail on the variety and options available to everyone.
  4. Supplementation – and why supplementation needs to be more literally followed.
  5. Recovery


Really it looks like a book layout, and that’s the idea eventually. If this sort of information can be made so relative to everyone who reads it, I’m going to want to put it in a manner that’s easily accessible. And you never know I may even put an e-book together (exciting stuff).

As I said the above is an example of the layout but things change and It’ll wander between the theme! You can expect a steady stream of lovely content in this order though, coming to your eyes.

So prepare yourself for the first installment in what is, I believe, one of the most important steps to starting on a journey for health and fitness: GOALS – And How To Set Them

Charge up everyone,

We’re going on a journey!

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