The three articles you need to convince you to carry on having coffee (or start)!

Tell me, what relationship do you have with coffee? If, like me, the slightest smell of it acts as a slight stress relief, chances are you and coffee are quite official. Whether it’s a morning ritual to help you get started with the day or a well earned break in the middle of it, it’s fair to say that a LOT of us do enjoy a good cup of it!

But hidden behind all the health warnings about coffee there is light within the storm. Coffee actually contributes a fair few health benefits as well as other social insights. Is now the time I can finally accept being held hostage to the inanimate cafetière? Why not!

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Why is Coffee Good For You? Here Are 7 Reasons
By Authority Nutrition

With an evidence based approach and a tonne of studies to back up their findings, the scientist in me likes Authority Nutrition’s approach to trusty info. With claimed benefits such as lowering the risk of Diabetes to making you straight up smarter, it’s all good news. But there is a take home message. Just don’t over indulge in it. This is a given with everything in life, don’t use this as a green light to make it the only thing you drink. But it’s definitely not the bad thing it was once branded to be!!

Check out the post here.

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Peter Thomson @ Coffee Hunter

When you accept coffee for the manipulative thing it is, you get to join a club like this guy. Peter is someone I’ve followed for a few months but sums up what it’s like being one of the occult. I love going out and trying coffee everywhere I go, sometimes it’s an absolute delight, sometimes it’s OK. I’m not educated enough either to know the differences or the fancy words used to describe tastes, maybe a swear word or two. But you can consider enjoying coffee just as certain people enjoy sampling beers or taster menus of food or artisan sweets. It’s a bit of a journey I guess but the things that stick out to me when I go places is more often than not the surroundings, such as a café in central Barcelona or an espresso from the local village coffee shop. That’s what sticks with me in my mind. Definitely a reason to partake in some caffeine fun.

Check out his updates here

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Coffee BBQ Rub Is Magically Delicious
By Sprudge

This is an example of one amazing recipe that coffee can be used in. If it weren’t for the fact I don’t have a decent camera or lighting, I’d be whipping this up straight away and taking a picture. Instead I’m drinking a coffee. Coffee has crept into more and more dishes of a late and this dish is an amazing example of how it can be done right. You can also incorporate coffee into other meat rubs such as a favourite of mine Mexican Mole Rub. It’s got more than just it’s use with boiling water and I’d encourage everyone to get a tub of instant espresso powder and chuck it into a lasagne or meat based dish. This has also be backed by Sainsbury’s too, recently promoting more of a use of coffee in their dishes as shown here. What are you waiting for, chuck it in. I;’d highly reccomend following Sprudge too for all things coffee and lifestyle.

You can get the recipe and follow them here!

No more convincing from me though. Charge up your life by getting more coffee in it. Don’t go silly and have tonnes of it in a day, as that’s always bound to have negative effects. One thing is for certain, it’s definitely not the villain it was once considered.


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