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Still Unhappy With Not Knowing What To Do or Where Your Weight Loss and Muscle Building Results Are Right Now?


Are you frustrated with not knowing exactly what to do in the gym for your goals?

Are you still not happy with where you are in relation to where you want to be in your weight loss and muscle building goals?


'Charge Up' Bootcamps - The Premier Outdoor Bootcamp in Altrincham Where Goals Are Made


Our outdoor local bootcamps in The Altrincham area have been made with individuals in mind who want to have workouts done for them. Our clients have all said that the single hardest thing in the gym is not necessarily stepping through the door or stepping outside to exercise - it's not knowing what to do or that they're doing something that's boring...

Our Bootcamps at Charge Nutrition have been made to create a fun environment to work out sociably with new friends. Workouts that aren't just challenging but fun too. All our workouts will drive goals of helping you lose weight or grow muscle too.

And that's where our bootcamps were born:

To create simple, effective, super-fun workouts that help clients drive their goals of weight loss and muscle building that make you CRAVE for more!! Not only does this hold you accountable but you'll create new like-minded friends who push you to come back for more!

Powerful stuff!

Actually, around 1 in 6 adults now in the UK are suspected of having a personal trainer of some sort now. Our bootcamps are as fun and effective as personal training but at a much more sustainable price too!

Check out our first ever bootcamp below!!



If you can have fun in your training and stay consistent you'll actually see more results than if you were hitting the boring stuff in the gym for 5 times a week.


It's pretty damn obvious from my time working as a Personal Trainer that the individuals who exercise for 5 days a week on a treadmill mindlessly or batter themselves into the ground 5-6 days a week don't follow through with it for long.

It's unsustainable, either through smashing yourself too hard or being completely bored mindless in your routine - you won't be motivated to exercise and come back to the gym.

Now if you got sustainable and did 3+ days a week of solid exercise consistently, and enjoy yourself whilst doing it, then you'll be SO MUCH MORE motivated to continue doing it.

It's not your fault though.

It's the industry's for making you think the only thing to do is run on a treadmill an hour a day or ride a stationary bike for 2 hours to lose weight or build muscle.

I'm here to change that notion! Lift heavy stuff, go hard, have fun. It's an awesome recipe for smashing your goals!! Tell me that your routine is like that...?


'Charge Up' Bootcamps help to:


Our Bootcamps help To:

Learn what to do in exercise so you're never confused again - in and out the gym.

Prmote weight loss and fat loss.

Increase muscle gains.

Create an accountable environment for your goals.

Build new relationships with like-minded individuals.

Heighten your energy levels.

Promote a better wellbeing.

Learn from coaches about everything surrounding fitness and nutrition.

FINALLY help you smash your goals.

...and sooo much more.

Our Bootcamps Launch 20th August 2018!!!


Normally these Bootcamps cost £30 a month, but for new joiners - individuals who are super committed to driving their goals and FINALLY want to make a change - we have a a 7-day free trial of our bootcamps.

Yep... 7 FREE days of unlimited bootcamps when we launch to start progressing your goals better than you ever have before! After that it's a Low price of £30 a month for all these benefits!

Literally that's the cost of a posh brunch/breakfast or...:

  • Attend Unlimited Bootcamps (4 a week currently) in a month.

  • Surround yourself with committed individuals in a similar boat.

  • Save time & money from chasing silly plans and supplements that don't drive your goals.

  • Learn everything about nutrition and fitness.

  • Get 'beach ready'.

  • Build new-found killer confidence.

  • Lose the weight you dreamed of...

  • ...or gain that head-turning physique and tone.

The choice is yours...

Click the button below and register your interest to start smashing your goals TODAY - register for your free trial and lock that in for launch day and get the first 7 days free!



Click 'Memberships' - When buying a membership be sure to select the 7-day free trial first which will begin on Launch day of 20th August.