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Amy came to me in a situation where she was teaching herself about calorie amounts and macros. Little known to her was that Amy was undereating MASSIVELY for her lifestyle. Amy works in retail, often heavy hours, and smashes some serious strength and cardio sessions in the gym. Her main objective was to build lean muscle for the gym so immediately the first thing we set out to do was give her enough food to fuel her intense daily activity of very active work and a solid gym routine.

Amy came to me eating between roughly 1500-1700 calories a day, as pictured in March in the first picture. Amy felt like she kept falling abck into diet ruts with low calorie levels especially with her intense schedule. So our primary objective was to increase her food and get her to a higher level of calories in order to increase her metabolism for the job and lifestyle. Little did Amy know, as don’t most of the population, that when calories are increased we allow the fat burning potential to start due to increasing our emtabolic rate, whereas previously this would’ve been slowed due to a severly low intake of food. Now we are 8 weeks in working together and Amy has smashed it. 🙂

Instantly you can tell Amy looks leaner, as seen in the second picture from Today (April 29th), especially around her stomach and waist. The stats back it up too. When Amy messaged me in March she sat at 31% Body Fat. Now in April, evident by her body measurements, she’s lost not just 3% bodyfat but also trimmed 3kg off in Bodyfat alone in just 8 weeks. Her weight on the scale is rather similar to when we started but that just shows we’re putting on some muscle if we’re losing fat.

The great thing? We’ve not even STARTED on the weight loss stuff. All we’ve simply done is increase her calories to a better level. Here we’re consuming 2200 calories a day and it’s increasing weekly. When we get her calorie baseline to a higher level, we can then start further weight loss methods if that were the goal. But for the minute, Amy is loving building lean muscle and is her primary objective, her weights are going up in the gym and her energy level has improved. It just goes to show in such a short period of time you can lose body fat by increasing calories, so just imagine the progress we can make when her calories are eventually higher and then she decides to try losing weight. We set ourselves up for a really healthy weight loss program with a steady, patient increase in calories over time. Check out Amy’s testimonial below the pictures!


‘At my heaviest I was 18st 2lb dreaming of being 12.7 stone and a size 14. I managed to shift most of my weight by working 40 hours a week and doing cardio for 1 hour at the gym every night. Last year I was eating just over a 1000 calories a day and managed to get to 12.7 stone for my birthday, ate what I wanted for a week and put 1 stone back on. Towards the back end of last year I started researching and being nosey on Instagram and YouTube and came across a lot of info but one thing I kept seeing was ‘eat big to get big’ so I upped my calories to 1700-2000 calories a day from January and for the month it worked but I was still stuck in a rut with my routine and weights and was slowly but surely creeping back down to under 1500 Calories. In February I came across Dan on Instagram and had a nosey on his profile and macros that he spoke about didn’t make any sort of sense at all to me. One day it clicked that I wasn’t eating enough, I was at the gym and I was that hungry that I felt so sick I was sick, again I looked at Dan’s Instagram and it still didn’t make sense so I googled macros and did some research and worked out my own macros and calories wise I was eating 1500-1700 a day by this point and I worked out I should be eating 3300-3500.’

‘Luckily Dan had an open spot so I jumped on it, I wanted to build muscle, tone up, feel strong and look good but I needed to do that in a controlled way. With Dans help he shows me what macros I need to be eating everyday for my goal and my lifestyle in a controlled way and I’m seeing better results tracking macros and eating a lot more food than I was before. Tracking calories gives you restrictions where as tracking macros gives you freedom. I’m eating food that I wouldn’t eat before thinking it was ‘bad’ but it’s really not. Beauty of it is, I still have cheats and cheat days and I’m still getting leaner! Before I started working with Dan I hit a plateau and I couldn’t get out of it, it felt like I was doing the same thing and eating the same things with no joy and just being on repeat and everything sort of stopped. Out of working with Dan I wanted to understand my body better, understand it wants and needs and learn to have a good relationship with food again and not feel guilty if I have a cheat day or if I have a biscuit when I’m feeling peckish.’

Amy is absolutely smashing it, and is a testament to consistency, patience and hardwork.

Watch this space for more testimonials to come!

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