The Key to Success: Making Time and Creating Consistency

Nowadays its so easy to get lost within the tactics and specifics of a subject. You hear one person telling you the best way to lose weight is to slash calories (we don’t advise this solely). And then as I just proved, someone tells you to go via a different method. There’s no consistency here!

It’s all well and good having the strategy or the gameplan though, but if you’re not making time to implement said strategy then where are you going to come out?

Sure, with graft and hard work you could achieve your goals, whatever they may be, with not much consistency or even without giving yourself time to aid your goals in a day, but shit it’s going to take a lot longer. If you’re bad habits dominate your good habits, your consistency is in the wrong area. Sure you may eventually get to your goals, but imagine your progress if you were much more consistent at what was necessary for you to lose weight, or get ripped…

This isn’t a question of cutting out ‘bad habits’ either, we all truly appreciate a drink every now and then or a bag of Giant Chocolate Buttons (guilty) – this is flexibility, vital to a healthy relationship with food and enjoyable ‘diet’. It’s a question of where your priorities lie or what habits you need to remove to help out your goals.

I promise you, the minute you start making something a priority in your life, or creating time or consistency in an area of work, you will be successful, or at worst – drive your goals better.

I hear you though! You’re telling me you’re too busy. You haven’t got time for that. I’m very sure you’ve got good reasons for that too. But let’s face it, I COULD play less video games at times… 😉 But I’m going to get a bit real, can you recall a time you said you were too busy to do something but, admittedly, found yourself procrastinating or not being busy? I did, and you may too. But I’m taking control of my time back one bit of a time and this is something I’m coaching with my new clients I’ve just taken on too!

Getting fit, healthier and in much better shape is a slow, patient process, there’s bo denying. You HAVE to put in the work and be patient. But if you want to change your body you have to create the consistency and that is more impotant than anything else.


So how are we coaching this with our clients? I’m a BIG advocate of coaching my clients the bahavioural changes as well as the nutritional coachings, we use software completely dedicated to this aspect, but to be successful and make life long changes we have to coach the deep lying habits.

I open with the simple question to clients asking “What do you think you could do to drive your goals”. And you should ask this yourself too, the responses I’ve had are so varied.

I brainstormed with one client about the things she could do to aid her currently good nutrition and she said she was already drinking enough water, eating the right amount of food we prescribed and after a few minutes she said “I actually need to sleep more”.

Boom, there’s ALWAYS something you can do or give time to in order to drive your goals. And then she openly stated she’d be interested in trying to get to bed 5 minutes earlier every night and stop playing with technology. Such a simple 5 minute-habit and will definitely help her goals, allowing more scope for recovery and stress levels to level by getting to bed earlier every night!

What’s more, she is now actively taking control back of her time whilst learning a new habit which woill aid much more down the line.

We ask our clients to practice a new habit every two weeks and these next two weeks I’m asking they practice any 5-minute habit that they believe will drive their goals. IT’s empowering for them, it’s empowering for me as I can allow a client to learn how they want to and it can help for YOU too!

Just by simply asking ‘what could you do in 5 mnutes that could aid your goals’ is a very powerful way to propel you down the road to success and create consistency over time.

After all, consistency as we know is the KEY to success… 😉

So what could you do for 5 minutes to take control of A) your time, and B) driving your goals. There’s always something.

Mine is to fill my food log every morning to keep me on track!

Charge Up, Team 🙂


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