The simplest change to a better you…

I’m a big fan in an easy change and a huge result. Personally, launching this blog was the accumulation of 4 months of work, the easiest part was actually pressing the button to GO! Even though the anticipation of whether this blog was ready to go or not was there, physically, It was easy to give the green light.

But enough about the similies. What I’m babbling on about is the simple change I made that propelled me head first into my interest of fitness and nutrition. That was six years ago and I’ve never felt better!!

All I did was start making healthy choices. Simples. There was a point when I was 20 years old that I was drinking three cans of Monster (or other branded energy drinks) a day. Man, that was 150g of sugar alone. I put on a stone in 6 weeks doing that and realised this wasn’t good… I felt sluggish, I felt irritable, bad mood swings and I couldn’t sleep for more than 6 hours. I’m glad I picked up on it. From this point on I decided to pick my ass up and get to the gym and start improving my diet.

I started hanging round and it’s plethora of nutrition articles. What i noticed was that refined sugar, sugar in one of it’s most purest form, was the easiest way to an unhealthy body. Check out the website as it contains all the information I used to start me out on this journey, it’s a great resource.

But this was where the easiest change happened, I just decided to cut out as much sugar as I could. It wasn’t the healthiest decision, but instead I switched to sugar free energy drinks… Instead of pure sugar I was instead having sweeteners and other additives. Not the best thing to have in your body, but definitely better than 150g of sugar. But, I noticed a change. After a couple weeks of removing that sugar I felt leaner and looked it. The next bits from there were the easiest. For no moment whatsoever though am I persuading you to swap sugary things for chemically laden things, just remove that refined sugar from your life bit by bit.

Whenever I’m out at a restaurant now though, instead of the previous coke or milkshake I ALWAYS ordered I have a coffee… Mainly cause I’m an addict, I’m fine with that, but initially it started as a health kick for me. Pure, black, delicious coffee… There’s actually a post on coffee and caffeine coming up soon too. 🙂 When you start educating yourself about the amount of sugar you eat though It’s easy to switch out for foods and drink with less or no sugar in. There’s always going to be a day when I have some form of sugar, breakfast bars for instance, they keep me full, still has a teeny bit of sugar in, but who cares about a small amount. Check out the infographic I put together below for a few simple swaps!!

Copy of Simple

So, all I’d say is, if you’re wanting to make a simple change to your life and health, realise how much sugar is in the foods you have and before you eat it, and if you truly care, swap it out for something less. I still have weekends where I nail a full bag of Biscuit M&M’s withing 20 minutes (hello 26th birthday) but I just do it that bit less frequent.

I’m human and healthy to me is indulging in something knowing that it’s not all I live on.

Healthy is NOT obsessing about that bowl of ice cream you had last week…


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