Project 10: Eat Real Food

Morning everybody. This article comes fresh to you today from the confines of a local Starbucks. I love getting up early and won’t change it, always so much more productive when I get up and start doing what I need to do. Get up and tackle your day and you’ll feel top!

But, more to the point, the first article in the series is on eating real, wholesome foods. Let’s get right in!

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Eat Real Food

Broad enough as this is if you follow this title to gospel you’ll get a fair bit out of it. The best change I ever did in my life was swap out a lot of processed and sugar-laden foods. Check out my other post here on simple swaps to cut down on sugar in your life.

Processed foods are, simply, foods on your plate which have been massively altered from their natural state, commonly accompanied with the addition of extra fats, salt and sugar, you often don’t realise you’re eating as much of these additives as you are. Not all processed foods are unhealthy but when you make food from scratch you know exactly what is going into your food and body. Check out this link for examples of sneaky processed foods. Try and make a habit of reading nutrition labels on the back of everything you buy too, it’ll give you a good indicator of how much something is processed by the amount of additives inside.

I guess the take-away from this is to be mindful of processed foods with added chemicals in, it can mess with your body and is NEVER as fulfilling as a freshly prepped whole food meal.

Below are a few examples of un-processed recipes which are a go-to for me in the kitchen:

These are all great examples and BBC Good Food is an amazing resource for endless recipe ideas.

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Eat the right amount of food

This is my last point. You can eat as healthy as you want but if you’re eating too much of it your body will bite back. Portion control is a difficult thing as it’s often seen as a restrictive approach to a diet. But when it comes to ANY veg whatsoever, aside from the starchy stuff like potatoes, you should eat as much as you can in addition to your ‘main event’ of your meal.

For example, I love broccoli and spinach. I will put both with every single meal I have. You can’t over indulge on these foods as there’s hardly any calories or carbohydrates in them at all. Just packed full of all the nutrients you need in a healthy diet… Where i make my changes in diet is the amount of carbs, so things like rice, breads, potatoes. Only cutting down slightly and replacing with a large amount of veggies!! Love it.

And here’s the surprising fact of the day, people!

People believe you should eat like a bloody pauper to lose weight, i.e. minimal portions, solely lettuce leaves and that’s the way to losing excess fat. More often your body will go into shock in this extreme state of dieting and hang onto fat reserves for as long as possible. Contrary to popular belief, your plate is generally quite stuffed when eating healthily. Packed full of veggies and a considerate portion of whatever else you were having, you should never go hungry.

And to sign out I want to leave you with a quote of a great example diet that works for me and many other people, based on shoving out processed crap.

In a short summary, Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, fruit, be careful with starch dense foods and remove sugar.

This may be extreme for some people but it’s a great way to put your body in a healthy state. I’m one to indulge but don’t make it a massive habit 

More to come on this subject soon.

Charge up your diet but more importantly, enjoy your food as always.



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