Project 10: The ten things to do to better your well-being.

So this has been on my mind for a while now. I’ve wanted to do an article where I highlight the best things to start doing, from my experience that will contribute to granting you a better well-being. I’ve really got myself to a good place in my life right now and all these outlines below are a factor, so you’ll see a bit of background story in there too.

I 100% don’t want to go all rah-rah-rah motivational here, it probably will do though, but I want to just bluntly put out the information to everyone so they can start incorporating ideas into their life straight away.

But I’m gonna do a little project too. The ten points I outline below will be the key takeaway of why you should make the change now. But over the next 10 days I’ll release a juicy article, daily, explaining the benefits of each change. Call it a little guidebook as you may, but I wanted all the info in one place for you guys to reference if need be.

Let’s get right into it!

1: Eat Real Food!

This is an easy one. Eat Real Food! Get rid of the processed things in your life. Ok, clever clogs, the above isn’t brilliant, there’s bread in there (processed), but work hard at getting rid of the chemicals in your diet or heavily processed foods and you’ll feel more energetic, sleep better and more easily lose weight. When you fill up on veggies and whole foods you’re getting more of the optimal nutrients your body needs to go through the rigours of life longer and healthier.


2: Read:


Now don’t go reading the dictionary or something like that, you’ll easily be put off. Read a book that you can relax to, or even educate you. Not only will you go away with something possibly new that you’ve learnt but reading is also a natural relaxant. If it’s a passion, read up on it! It can inspire you, motivate you and also give you a massive break from life’s general fast pace. You’ll always learn something from one book. I should definitely read the dictionary though, love big, new words…


3: Learn a new skill:

There’s never as great a feeling (i neither have my own kids yet nor own my own car outright) as learning a new skill… To put mental effort into something and see the accumulation 2 months down the line, 6 months, a year, two… No matter how long you push it, there’ll always be an endless amount of learning from something as taking up a new skill. Language, music, sports, knitting… There’s so much to learn from any one. Just from taking up the piano alone and playing for 10 months I’ve learnt self discipline, patience, reading music. There’s a lot more and so many stories to be heard behind the scenes of anyone’s skill or hobby!


4: Chill out, please!

I agree when chasing a goal nothing is more frustrating than idling around making no progress towards it. But this is something I’ve learnt is a massive must. Mentally and physically you’ll reap benefits for just taking the time out to chill and accept it’s fine to do nothing for a bit, and then remove stresses on your body or mind. Physically, I notice the best results and gains in the gym after 4 or 5 days off, and I surprisingly don’t turn into a complete potato in 5 days, shock horror! Mentally it allows you to unwind, de-stress and reflect on what you’re doing and why. Chilling out can be anything, just not putting stresses on your body. Don’t do something you don’t want to do, don’t think of the mentally challenging things. Chill the hell out, which falls into my next point…


5: …be happy, or make yourself…

What are you doinggg? Why are you moving forward with things if something makes you unhappy. Don’t put up with the crappy job, unless you have to support a family with it in the mean-while, I’m promoting nobody to leave a job spontaneously. Learn to say no to things and it’ll be the best thing you learn. Of course, a life of adventure comes from yes’s, but when you learn to say no you can be yourself and discover things that do make you happy. I’m loving writing these articles every day, but it only came from saying no to getting smashed every weekend. I enjoy the occasional night out but not too frequently (sorry guys). Do what you need to do to make yourself happy, no excuses, why live one day less being happy, dwell on that…


6: Exercise:


This is an easy one too. Exercise should be fun (see point above). I’m not going to show you a study on exercise and well-being. I know it’s true enough, every time i exercise it presses my reset button and feel like a new person. Mental stresses dissolve, I have a laugh with workout mates and downright become myself. Don’t store your energy up and let it eat away your mind of stresses, this is what happens with me, I make a nice balance of chilling out and working out. But too much time off without blowing any steam, I start stressing and it effects me mentally. I just want to get out the house (see #7). Plus when you exercise it allows you to do cool things more like in the above picture, even WHEN you’re on holiday…


7: Get outside:


That’s me yesterday, a tiny bit windswept (not my pink bottle). I only realised this one yesterday too. I was at the top of Pendle Hill, a moderately sized hill in Lancashire and stood in an outcrop on the side of the cliff where I’m pictured above. Pure silence. It was harrowing at first, there was no wind, no sound, no cars, planes, people. A few birds, but that was the serene bit. Getting away from the stresses of everyday life, job focuses and everything else, really put a grounding under my feet. With a target heavy month in work last month it was incredible to have a quiet moment to reflect and realise there was more to life than just working.


8:Stop being judgmental and be humble:

I’m as guilty at this as a fair few people are. But this means towards both yourself AND other people. I’ve got a huge figurative slap in the face when I’ve judged people in the past and they prove they’re someone I could actually take a leaf out their book. When you remove yourself from predjudice you allow yourself to become more open minded and embrace many other situations or people that you’d otherwise never associate with. And the truth is if you think you know everything or believe that you’re someone who can judge people for whatever reason, they’re probably not one bit arsed about you, and you’ll be surprised that more people aren’t arsed about you either. Be humble, appreciate what you’ve got, accept you always have things to learn and move forward with a growing mind.


9: Laugh:

‘Don’t take yourself so seriously!’ I’ve heard that many a time, and it’s very easy when you’re dedicated to something or really focused that you forget to have fun in the process. My training went down hill as I was taking my diet and exercise WAY too seriously. Who cares if I just nailed a pizza, I actually laughed more times during that pizza than I did all last week. Quite possibly it affected previous relationships of mine too. Be extra sure you laugh at yourself more than you currently do. Some days I’m an absolute genius, some days I leave my glasses in the fridge. Make every chance to laugh complete and you’ll have more happy moments than miserable ones.


10: Live:


Just live… Be spontaneous. Go somewhere new. Discover new things. Don’t get wrapped up into the rat race or day job you may regret later down the line if you don’t enjoy it. Experience new things and embrace unusual opportunities or experiences that come your way. I’m off to India in January for nearly a month, I’m in no way prepared but shit I’m excited.


These are all my personal opinions and things that i attribute to being happier today. Factor some of these into your life and I’ll challenge you to tell me you didn’t benefit anything from these!


Charge up your life 



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