Project 10: Take Up A New Skill (Or Hobby)

What’ve you got as a party trick? Me? Not much… A crappy joke, a once in a blue moon funny story, maybe squatting a a human being on my back. Yep!

As it goes I had a little reflection and realised aside from fitness, cooking and a bit of sport on the side, I never made time to learn a skill or partake in a hobby. I played video games but I didn’t have too much creative or skill based activities going on. And no matter how much I actually enjoy video games, it does feel a lot better to be productive!!

So I typed into google (can you tell I’m more a logical than a creationist) ‘New hobbies to take up’. To surprisingly good results!


Up there were the things such as learn a new instrument, learn a new language, tap into your creative side, take up a new sport. It’s amazing the variety of things out there which were so available for me to do. Archery! Hey, that sounds cool. An hours drive away though. Yoga. Music production. Drawing. Tonnes of stuff. But the one thing that stood out to me was the ‘Learn a new instrument, eg. piano’. I thought nobody I know plays the piano, how cool a party trick would that be, tapping into my creative side whilst also having the potential to impress. Big-headed, I know.

Wow. I saw a video that evening, around 10 months ago, of a jazz pianist named Bill Evans, and his music chilled me out so much, captivating stuff, I couldn’t look away. I searched other jazz pianists on YouTube to great enjoyment, every single artist I watched were incredible. I highly recommend just at least once listening to Bill Evans below, even if you’ve never tried listening to piano or jazz music before, amazing stuff.

Ok. He’s part of trio originally named the Bill Evans Trio, not a solo pianist. But the piano alone blew me away. Anyway, I digress.

My point is that since end of August last year I’ve had the most incredible journey tapping into my creative side. I’ve managed to learn three decent pop songs with a heavy Coldplay emphasis, on top of all the musical theory, but to see the difference ten months makes is staggering. Just about to start looking into Grade 1 exams too.

But all I’d recommend is finding something in your life other than your main energy outputs that you can pour a bit of passion and self-learning into. I research a tonne on health and fitness but on the side I listen to jazz and practice when I can now. A completely different person to ten months ago!

Keep looking, it was a long process for me but now I’ve found my balance I’m quite satisfied with what’s on my plate. If your eager to try something new just start experimenting, you’ll eventually find one thing that sparks your interest. It’s all trial and error.

Find your passion and something that excites you though, I think that’s the most important thing in life now.

Take charge!


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