My Nutrition Journey – Mid Week 2

Well, here I am. A leaner, more athletic, stronger me, all after one week!!

Ha, yea fkin right.

Sorry for swearing but it’s never gonna happen like that. These programs are for the long haul, like most important goals. We’ll all just have to be patient and wait to see the results end of week 9 and as they crop up 🙂

But over in my world that’s what’s been going through my mind. I need to learn to incorporate so much more patience into my life.

I want to grow a business from this blog to help people and offer a service eventually down the road – that’s gonna take time AND effort.

I want to squat 170kg by next month – K. That’s not going to happen for quite a while in terms of strength.

Patience. It’s my theme at the moment, hence the rant on facebook. But hey ho, these are experiences that are to be taught by and is exactly why I was so keen to jump on such a good nutrition program. I’m going to learn so much about my body and nutrition in general, all in these 9 weeks, it’s definitely a long-haul thing.

One thing I should’ve allowed impatience for was this story, however:




That was my lovely mid-week treat of Wagamama’s incredible Chicken Pad Thai, one of the more healthier noodle dishes on the menu, I think, that was my reasoning anyway. That accompanied with some delicious pork ribs was an amazing set for a meal.

So there I was, Patiently waiting for the better half to receive her meal before plowing in (hence the picture without food missing). Her food touched the table about 5 seconds after this photo. Immediately I took a bite. Straight away. with Pad-Thai to mouth, shrieking sirens go off in the Trafford Centre and terrified staff, literally, drop cutlery on our table and run out the restaraunt.

Everyone was evacuating, with no idea why. I looked at my plate, considered taking the considerably large, attractive bowl and thought, “Could I?”

I didn’t. We all evacuated the Trafford Centre with around 1000 other diners. Devastating. She had a Katsu Kurry too, even more so.

It was only when I saw the bloke with the tray, two cokes and a burger walking out the door behind me did I massively regret my decision.

All jokes aside we only realised about an hour and a half later it was a false alarm, and I like to think if it was a serious situation I didn’t want a pad thai getting in the way.

My key takeaway: Eat your food when it comes, screw patience!!! Ha. In the end, we got free starters as we left instead of waiting an hour to get back in, and settled for some TGI fridays, not so bad.

Either way, I attempted to eat healthy, there’s always healthy options on a menu, it’s just about making those healthy decisions.



My go to meal of this week – Gnocchi, shop bought meatballs in a bolognaise sauce and spinach – incredible.


MyFitnessPal took a hit with a couple of meals out, namely a burrito and TGI fridays, going over my Fat intake by 30g one day, with the others at target. That added an easy 400 Calorie surprlus to my usual daily intake, easy to see how eating out and not preparing your own food can really impact healthy eating. So that’s one key learning I’ve established – I need to take my own food out to work, and stop frittering away my money so much on eating out! 🙁

Oh well.

Energy levels are still sky high. It’s been a weird week by being 4 days in and only been to the gym twice, normally I’d have been 4 times by now. So I’m unable to say how this weeks nutrition has affected my workouts. But I’m feeling great and I only crashed today after a heafty burrito on my lunch, definitely out the ordinary there.

I have serious burrito issues I have noticed.

So the remaining days this week are all training days, as well as a potential new inspired hobby from the Olympics for Saturday, watch this space (oh god).

My Macro targets stayed the same this week, with my coach, Brandy, keeping me at the same targets to let my body get used to the new food intake. Then my weight will probably stop fluctuating.

So all I’ve got to do this week till weigh in and progress photo day on Saturday is keep patient. It’s my biggest flaw as of the moment. Keep doing what I’m doing consistently on MyFitnessPal. Stop eating out and cook my own food more. And chill about lack of or slow progress.

Until then, catch you later, team!


It’s a virtue.

Hope you’re well!



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