My Nutrition Journey: End Week 2!

Hi team!

So it’s the end of week two of my nutrition program. Already I’m learning so much.

I’ve learned that if I absolutely smash the carbs in the morning I’m going to inevitably crash around lunch time, or just after usually, around 2pm – not good.

I’ve learned that even though I’m making healthy choices when eating out on my lunch breaks, even the ‘healthy’ sandwiches load up on fats and sugars. When it comes to the end of the day it become very restrictive, especially when you’re left with 23g of carbs on a Friday night at 8pm. Luckily I didn’t get hungry but I’m really going to need those carbs to refuel after a workout.

So yea, I’m learning a bit, evaluating and realising I need to calk down and stop being such a carb fiend in the morning, and instead take the majority around lunch and dinner, for fuel for my training and recovery after.

I have developed a very lazy habit too of eating out a lot. At the cost of nearly £10 a burrito meal, that is a habit to break the bank and potentially my program. Maybe one a week then, not two… Please? 🙂

So this morning I weighed in at 81kg, 179lbs, a further loss of 1kg and 2lbs since the wedding night last Saturday. That’s 4kg in two weeks. I’ve by no means gone out of my way either to restrict eating out or a religiously healthy day, so it’s SO SO obvious I needed to eat more to fuel my performance and weight loss. Considering I was eating 2300 calories a day before and not losing weight, it’s obvious my body was in a weird state.

Check out my tracker below for how I self evaluate at the end of the day.


energy tracker


So this tracker acts as a little self evaluation that takes 2 minutes at the end of each day. That way I can track how I’m feeling and how adjustments or slight variations can affect certain aspects. It also very easily at a glance shows me my macros and whether I’m over or under much. (Don’t look at Tuesday 23rd).

For instance, I’ve never really had an issue with sleep, ever. I’m lucky to put my head on the pillow and sleep through a thunderstorm, earthquake, yapping dog [insert loud noise here]. Recently I slept through the house alarm going off for 3 hours, literally deafening when I woke up.

Mentally I haven’t really struggled with this program, as show in my rating – it really helps that this program is so flexible and if I really really really really wanted, I could fit a Krispy Kreme into it. My gym is next to a Krispy Kreme, well shit…

Strength wise I’m feeling powerful, my Olympic lifts are getting stronger. My cardio however is laughable 😀 Last night was a mess but I haven’t done a whole load of cardio in the last three weeks, so that could be a reason. Cue today, where my workout is Row 5k, 300 double unders (twice under skipping rope jumps) and 3 mile run. I predict 55 minutes, which I’d be chuffed with. Nice to meet you lungs.

Back to nutrition. Because my eating has been reasonably consistent though I never really suffer from hunger and I have my routines, lunch at 12, dinner at 8. Healthy snacks are always on hand and it turns out Cheesestrings are a very good source of fat and protein, as well as calcium. Probably never even seen the site of cheese like but ye! My favourite lunch I had out this week below: An amazingly healthy, chicken and mixed veg on brown rice box, with a cheeky protein brownie, all from Kettlebell Kitchen in Manchester. Please, check it out, incredibly healthy eatery for all things gym and nutrition.



And my overall energy is holding up well. Before a workout I’m feeling raring to go, not too many dips, apart from when I smash those carbs in the morning.

All in all, I think it’s hugely important to track things or have a diary to note your emotions. I never tracked them at first and I struggled with understanding why I wasn’t progressing. If you’re unable to monitor something how can you really tell if you’re making progress or adjust to suit? Checkout my previous post I did: Food Tracking: Why You Need a Food Diary (Or App)it’s a little post on why it’s important to track or monitor your goals.

No progress pictures this week though, it’s rather hard and inconsistent to do myself so every Tuesday will be progress pic day, and I’ll have to ask someone else to do it, oh crap.

Check in with my coach today and I’m hoping I get an increase in carbs, I feel like at the minute that’s the only way to drive my performance as I want to keep size for my strength work. When I dabble into the 70kg range I believe from my past experience I lose a lot of strength. Plus I’m a carb whore and love anything sweet and stodgy, give me the carbs.

Overall, a mixed week! Getting on it this week in terms of precision but I’m never going to stop eating out. I’m out on Sunday at an amazing American restaraunt – Home Sweet Home. Prepare for waffles with fried chicken or macaroni cheese, incredible stuff.

Otherwise, catch you guys on the flip side and see you Tuesday for Progress Pics and maybe a new macro prescription. Give me the carbs!!!



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