My Nutrition Journey – End week 1

So, I’ve done one week of food tracking and trying to keep my macros consistent. Again, that’s the Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates and Fibre to you and me.

I’ve got to the weekend with a new found energy and mental clarity – something I’ve not experienced in a while. I haven’t experienced an energy crash in over a week, whereas normally I’d hit around 2/3pm and crash like a bloody road wreck. Not what you need when you need to keep going in work and life.

And genuinely I put that down to, I believe anyway, regulating carbs in the morning and better portion control throughout the day.

Check out my breakfast from this morning, I feel on fire right now whereas previously I crash at this time! About the only thing I could improve in my opinion is the lack of greens, like spinach!




I’ve found from MyFitnessPal that when I keep my breakfasts below 50g, I tend to have the most energy throughout the day, probably because I’m still meeting my goal of 300g carbs a day, but portioning it better. This allows me to avoid a horrible sugar spike in my blood and a crash when that seems to come out about 4-6 hours later.

My workout energy has been tonnes better, I’m pushing harder in the gym and mentally feel great, I just feel a tad rotten in the workouts but that’s coming back from on holiday and a shit tonne of Guinness… That’s my lungs sadly not my body.


This week I’ve even manage to lean out and drop 2kg, even whilst eating a TONNE more food than 1-2 weeks ago. When you put your body into starvation mode, it reacts by holding onto fat. When you increase the calories or macros and still manage to lean out, that’s a huge sign that your body needs more fuel to recover, grow and repeat the process. All this I’ve learned solely by monitoring MyFitnessPal and having a coach from the guys over at jasonphillipsnutrition.comIf you can check out some of the content on his site, or get in touch with his team of Nutritionists for queries or just to see what they offer, it’s well worth 5 minutes of your time. Loving it right now. Even thoguh I’m on a 9-week program, I’m going to sign up after that for sure…

IMG_8830 IMG_8831

Progress pictures I think are looking good, I’ve lost a bit of weight round my love handles which is where I store weight, very noticeable when I don’t portion my carbs historically. I feel I’ve lost some body fat for sure, generally feeling leaner, healthier and have a tonne more energy.

So that’s week one done. I’ve got a check in with my coach today or tomorrow and we’re either cranking up the carbs or performing tweaks elsewhere. We’re aiming for driving performance over aesthetics in this program, so I believe if I’m wanted to build more strength that may be followed by an increase in carbs. Let’s see. One thing is for certain, I’m not genetically gifted for abs, so their not gonna pop out for a while, especially whilst going down the performance route, if ever!! 🙁 If you’ve come for abs then you’ll be disappointed as much as me, haha, sorry!

So hope you’re all getting some use out of following me on this program. If anything it’s a good way to dispel the myth that healthy weight loss is onlyaccompanied by a restrctive diet. Remember, your body needs fuel, give it exactly what is needed and you’ll be so surprised with how you lose weight.

Keep it real guys, check back on tuesday for my next nutrition update. That’ll be a regular feature as well as on Saturday. Let’s see how my weight is then!

Have a top weekend 🙂

Charge up!

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