My Nutrition Journey – End of Week 9

Week nine is done, and with this hails the beginning of after the program.

We (me and a group of my fellow gym junkies) initially were doing an 8 week nutrition program with Jason Phillips Nutrition, the same bloke who’s my mentor and teaching me everything I need to know to become a nutrition consultant myself. Now that I’ve ‘finished’ my program, I’m deciding I’m continuing with the whole process to learn even more about myself. I only really say I’ve finished as it was an 8-week cycle that we all initially purchased. It’s something I want to emphasise though, that just because we get to the end of something like that, doesn’t mean we can fall off the tracks and go mental, it’s a chance to further it and keep developing. In my eyes anyway.

I’ve had a few opportunities to have a few drinks this week or fall off the wagon, and I kinda wanted to, but I’d be setting myself a bit back with some of the progress I made this week, as well as not being able to booze anyway at all, mentally and physically… Lovely thought there… 🙂

It’s something I was likely to do, continue the program after the 8 weeks, but you never know. Either way, I’ve committed to another month rolling contract for the program. I’d be silly to pass up the opportunity to working with people like this, giving amazing nutrition advice to develop my goals. As I’m learning myself in a mentor ship program, it’s an added bonus to go away and practice what I preach to further develop myself.



Butttttt, it’s not been a week of roses, unicorns and candy canes and shit. I’ve massively struggled with motivation for a lot of things this week. More recently I think I’ve been putting pressure on myself to make big leaps and strides with Charge Nutrition in big ways, and doing so has probably (100% has been) interfering with my current work mentality. My training has taken a hit this last couple of weeks too. I seem to have turned the switch off which is normally fixed in the upright position of ‘need to go all in, 100% commit to everything, if you don’t go to the gym you suck’ kind of thing…

It could be a testament to me trying to be more flexible with myself, that If i feel like shit, don’t bother going or if you feel like you need a break just take one. But then again, there’s a line between being lazy and truthfully needing a break. More so, I think I’m just winding myself up with a lot of things… Work, pressure to develop my business, not enough time to do everything I want to do, etc. If it’s one thing I’ve realised I just need to chill out, something I’ve definitely heard before, and stop putting so much pressure on myself.

I’ve actually been pretty mopey all weekend and just in the last 30 minutes I grabbed a coffee, had a stern talk with my reflection in the scales and thought ‘you know what, fuck it.’ I’ve got a lot I’m grateful for, let’s take the pressure off. I’ve got a good, well-paying job, a roof over my head, food, luxuries, great friends, family and people around me. I’ve a lot to be thankful for and I need to stop thinking I’ve not got everything I want going for me. And you know what, I feel better saying it and writing about it. It’s making sense the more I type actually, so thanks 🙂

Mondays are a day we should be happy to be entering, right now I don’t relish that. Hands up if you agree. *raises hand*

But. When I think like this, from a place of abundance, that I have more than I realise to be thankful for, it actually seems really good.



I guess my advice with this would be to place less pressure on what I or you want to do. Keeping showing up ^^^ leverage small opportunities you see to drive where you want to be. I’ve been thinking all weekend that, essentially, if I didn’t launch my business this weekend then the opportunity would never present itself. And I don’t think that’s the case now. You’ll always have a chance to do what you want to do, the solutions may not always be 100% clear or easy but if you make one small bit of progress towards that daily, well, that’s gotta be a win!

So instead, I took the pressure off, I don’t have time to do 7 blog posts a week. I’ve actually decided 1 a week is OK right about now. That’s going to give me time to think about other small things I can leverage to set up my business and blog, instead of sitting at my laptop thinking I’m never going to do all THAT this weekend, and then picking up the PS4 controller to lose 4 hours. It’s a better place to come from.

Mondays ARE a fresh start though. Use tonight to press the reset button on worries or issues that you have and go into the week from a place of abundance, that’s what I’m doing anyway. I’m no shaman who can tell you this fixes everything, I’m literally mind splurging what I’m feeling, and it’s flipped me back to a positive place.

One thing I’m SO excited for is that my ‘guinea pig clients’ have been sent their plans (two pending my mentor’s confirmation that I’m not starving them to death). This means for the first time real human beings are acting on my nutrition advice, which is such a cool feeling, and at the same time quite daunting. They’ve been given the green light by my Jason, my mentor and won’t have any issues, but for me it’s quite nerving to tell them to go off and follow this advice. A very rewarding adventure that’s sure to bring me some fun, surprises and new insights.

Keep on going Charge Nation!

Keep an eye on what matters most to you!!



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