My Nutrition Journey: End of Week 6

Morning team!

So I’ve made it six weeks into my nutrition journey, my first step into the foray of what it’s like to have a dedicated Nutritionist driving my performance in the gym. I’ve got a couple weeks left, maybe one extra, we’ll have to see. But I’ve guaranteed the fact I’ll be carrying this on after the 8 weeks is up, I’ll explain my exciting news a bit further on… 🙂

This weeks been a funny one though. I’ve had to take a very random week off work because, very unlike me, I took zero days holiday from January to August in my job, leaving me with a fun 4-5 weeks to take from August to December. So this week I’ve really enjoyed being a bit lazier than usual (whilst still training hard), playing a few video games which was a huge passion of mine and also cooking some really damn fine tasty food.


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A week off work means loads of cooking and a well prepped week of snacks and meal prep! Food coming out my ears… 🌯👂🏻 Today's treat were Sweet Potato and Egg Muffins with Parmesan and Spring onion. Amazingly healthy @ P:11g/C:26g/F:6g and 5g of fibre per muffin. I had two, and what 😍😜 Hit me up if you want the recipe, amazingly tasty!! . . . . . #chargenutrition #health #fitness #nutrition #lifestyle #inspiration #motivation #instagood #love #cleaneating #cleaneatingideas #healthyfood #recipe #recipes #mealprep #food #foodporn #foodlover #foodblogger #fooddiary#foodisfuel #foodies #foodoftheday #foodlove #fitnessfood #foodie #photooftheday #photo #picoftheday #manchester

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This week I decided to step into making a load of healthy snacks, which was actually the premise for why I started Charge Nutrition in the first place actually. I wanted to make healthy snacks to give you good energy towards the next meal whilst documenting that, and these Sweet Potato Muffins with Egg, Parmesan and Spring Onion were too good. SO filling and only around 22g Carbs, 11g Protein, 6g fat and 6g fibre per muffin, I could eat two and be full for 4/5 hours. So this is going to become a habit of mine, making these at the weekend (or some similar snacky product) to take to work and keep me going.

I’ve also established my go to dish of the week which was a lovely Meatball with [insert sugar-free recipe-sauce in a jar here], cheese, spinach and fresh pasta of choice. For me this dish is always varied. I hawk around the recipe aisle, find a jarred recipe sauce on offer, then wander over to the reduced section of the supermarket and pick up a couple packets of good quality meatballs which go out of date that day, they’re always there, seems like people don’t like meatballs… SHOCK HORROR.

I throw in some fresh pasta of choice which takes 3 minutes to boil, packing a fibrous punch too for my nutrition, add some cheese and spinach, and within 15 minutes I have the result below.


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Today's dinner, a frequent easy go-to: Meatballs, fresh pasta, cheese and spinach. Oh, and my favourite plate 😍 It's so easy to fry up some meatballs in 10 minutes, simmer in a sugar free recipe sauce, fresh pasta takes two minutes to boil, and tastes SO much better, and BOOM 💥 Healthy meal in a stitch… Macros: P:62g, C:75g, F:41g (don't add cheese if you want the fat a bit lighter). I definitely needed this meal after tonight's workout. A proper healthy meal in 15 minutes. . . . . #chargenutrition #health #fitness #nutrition #lifestyle #inspiration #motivation #instagood #love #cleaneating #cleaneatingideas #healthyfood #recipe #recipes #mealprep #food #foodporn #foodlover #foodblogger #fooddiary#foodisfuel #foodies #foodoftheday #foodlove #fitnessfood #crossfit #fran #frankilledme #carbspls

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I can whip this up within 15 minutes, chuck in the fridge and consume in the days to come. It doesn’t really matter if they’re cooked and the raw product went out of date that day. The food always seems to last and I’ve never had any issues. If something smells funny that’s my cue to chuck it in the recycling or ‘accidently’ chuck it in my dog’s food bowl, what a shame… That is why she is like she is haha.

So aside from cooking a lot this week I’ve also eaten out a few times. I’ve started to not fight it. I can afford to do so and only do it every so often. But every single time I know I’m going out for food, I account for it that day. For instance, Tuesday night I was stupid enough to go and see some horror film in the cinema, and rightly so go for Pizza Express before hand. I chose the pizza I wanted before hand online, updated my fitness pal that morning with pre-decided pizza of choice and, hey presto, that day was the most successful nutrition day I had.

Because I accounted for my rather calorific pizza, I could see how my breakfast and lunches may take me closer to my day’s targets. I accounted by having a smaller lunch so not to stretch my targets too much, then a small snack the hours before my pizza so i’m not hungry, and then nailed the pizza that evening. I even had room in my targets to take a garlic bread in as a starter too, and they’re fully loaded with carbs. But good things happen when you account for it and plan for it.

I’ve also dropped a tonne of weight on the scales too. Starting last Saturday (7 days ago as of writing) I was 81.6kg. After eating out this week multiple times, making really nice meals at home and keeping my number of workout days the EXACT same, I’ve dropped over a kg to 80.2kg as of today. It’s so obvious now that I was never eating enough to begin with and that’s why I’m so smitten with my results so far. I can eat what I want, as along as I keep some consistency for targets and moderation, get some great results and ‘personal bests’ in the gym and still have fun. My clean and jerk has surpassed the 100kg mark, my snatch olympic lift has gone about 70kg. I’ve set more pull ups, my bench press has increased. It’s ridiculous how important having the correct nutrition for my body actually affects it.

I’d highly encourage everyone to use a food tracker if you’re serious about your gym routine, nutrition, potential to grow or general health. I now have such a healthier mentality on food, one that I don’t feel guilty for eating something, having the foods I want. I’m actually still a very healthy eater, but my perception of ‘healthy’ has changed and I firmly now believe healthy is more about the mentality you have.



Which brings me to my exciting news…! 🙂

I’ve officially begun on my path to become a trained ‘Nutrition Consultant’. Somewhere down the line I’ll be in a position where I can offer sound advice to individuals on a client basis, documenting this journey on my blog and showing the results which I’ll be getting with potential clients and said advice. The path did start back in June when I launched this blog, but this marks my official start by confirming the start of mentoring.

I’ve felt it’s important to invest in myself before I ever ask anyone to invest in me. This is something of a financial investment but also a mental one, I think it’s important to have both and that one leads to the other. So I’ve reached out to a very successful, well-known Nutrition Consultant and Mentor in this sector who has served reams of professional athletes, sports stars and many more individual clients. He’s gladly taken me under his wing and I’m going to be taken on a 10-month long journey, working very closely with him. to train how to be a Nutrition Consultant, whilst also acting as a mentor on how to grow a successful blog, business and client base.

I’m SO, SO, excited to start this as my passion for nutrition in the last 5 months has sky-rocketed and I’m absolutely buzzing to see where the next 10 months takes me, the numbers of potential clients and my business and blog too.

I’m really glad I’ve given time to invest in myself too. I think it’s important to empower yourself as an individual and what better a way to do so that to put the chips on the table and go ‘100% lean-in’ mentality, something I’ve never done before and I’ve never been so excited for the future. Note: I didn’t say all-in. I’m definitely all-in on this, I’m definitely not going to cripple myself financially and go financially all in!! 🙂 That’s not what we’re on about.

So keep your eyes peeled here. Charge Nutrition is going to experience some fair growth, changes and lots of positive new things, as well as changes with me on a personal level, blog and business-wise.

Have a top weekend, go do what drives you and smash it!

Charge Up!


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