My Nutrition Journey

So, I’ve decided to do a little transition here.

I’ve never been one to directly claim I’m the epitome of nutrition or fitness, I’m not. I’ve also never been one to think I’m better than anyone else in anything, there’s always something to learn.

What I do know is, however, that sometimes little nuggets appear in my life and they’re absolute gold. This goes back to the saying that sometimes I’m an absolute genius, sometimes I drive with my car boot open (true story on more than one occasion).

It’s genuinely difficult to keep nuggets flowing though and also keep a nice curve on a learning process, but in reality I’ve learned it ebbs and wanes so patience is good on my end. The one thing this blog has and always will be aimed at though is the journey I’m going on to become as close to the best version of myself that I can be, through nutrition and fitness. What this blog has and never has been, is me acting as the be all and end all of information and that I’ve experienced everything. I’ve not.

Whilst going on this journey though I firmly believe I have learned things that I wish I’d have known ages ago so I’m naturally going to share that, in the hope people can use it their advantage. And damn, I wish when I tried to start being ‘fit and healthy’ 8 years ago, it was so hard to find that info.

So one thing I’m massively excited about is the fact I’ve taken on a Nutrition program for the next 8-9 weeks with some absolutely incredible coaches. Primarily, it’s aimed at improving my performance (requiring more food for fuel) in CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting, aiming to take part in competitions next year, and actually stand a chance, hopefully… So it’ll be a little different to what some people will be wanting to achieve, ie, weight loss or maintaining your weight. But I’ve done this for two days and can categorically say I’ve learned a tonne, not only about my habits but why I should be eating what I’m eating, and that applies to all nutrition goals.

So i’m going to be sharing my daily ups and downs whilst on this program and get down right personal, sharing every aspect of it when I can, from progress photos (oh god, I’m sorry) to meal tracking. And i do believe I’ll be reaching out to try and continue this afterwards too, as the value this offers me is second to none.

So I’m gonna show you day one. The dreaded weigh in. If it’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that you may not feel like progress is ever being made, but progress pictures help so much as you can notice the difference in them, the mirror lies, every fkin time.

So on day one I clocked in at 84kg, a tiny bit flumpy from drinking and eating shite on holiday, but that’s ok, it’s fun to live! Progress pictures below (don’t laugh at serious face).

IMG_8598 IMG_8605 IMG_8602


So, without mocking my tan lines please, here they are. I’m certainly not the best shape I’ve ever been in, no excuses like, holiday doesn’t just do that, but this is me on an honest journey, documenting that. You may never like your progress pictures, I certainly cringe at them, but they’re a brilliant tool that for three days now I’ve noticed great effect, and a top source of motivation to keep going, when you don’t think you’re progressing.

So I clocked in at 84kg, a comfortable weight for me, not too heavy for my endurance pursuits, not too light to lose too much strength. Let’s keep it around there.

I also got my Macro prescription, in other words quite simply, macros are the building blocks of the food, eg protein, fat and carbohydrate, as opposed to tracking strictly calories. My prescription for instance was detailing the protein, carbohydrates and fats I need to be eating every day, in order to drive my goal of performance, which comes with a heavier dose of carbohydrates… In other words, eat a fair bit.

For instance, I’m on 200g of protein a day, 300g of carbohydrates a day and 115g of fat a day along with a fibre intake of at least 35g.

Check out my first day of my fitness pal and an example of how tracking helps your goals:

By far what makes it so easy for me totrack my food throughout the day is the nifty little feature of the barcode scanner, simply scan your foods barcode, adjust the serving size (whether you scoffed the whole loaf of soreen like me, or whetehr you smashed maybe one slice) where the servingsare generally pretty accurate. And from there it’s just a matter of making sure I meet my macros by the end of the day, ensuring where I can I’m choosing quality, nutrient rich foods, but as a last resort eating what I can to make sure I hit that 200/300/115/35 goal in my macros.

Remember, by tracking your foods you’re only making the best out of a completely unknown piece of information, because labelled foods by law only need to have a ball park figure of it’s macro content. So to see in day one I came 4g short on carbs and protein, hit fibre but then fell 17g short of fat, it’s far better than not tracking it. However, I need to make sure I get in that extra 17g of fat, that’s a bit too far out really and I can only educate myself further on why that 17g of fat is that important.

So, as a quick assessment, my energy levels have never felt better. It’s highlighted a previous habit that I was eating WAY too many carbs in the morning, maybe 100-125g somedays, hence why I experienced a crash mid afternoon. Instead, I’m going a tiny bit less on carbs in the morning, and spreading them evenly throughout the afternoon and evening. I feel great. Those crashes are disgusting, especially whilst you’re trying to work.

Well there’s a quick snapshot of my very first day of serious nutrition endeavours, I’m really enjoying the feeling of being in control now and just relaxing to play with a bit of trial and error. It’s never going to be a 100% exact science, but when you start recording your foods daily and your mood, training performance, sleep pattern and energy levels, all of which takes 5 minutes from memory, you’ll see where you may be going wrong in your progress.

I’m no nutrition expert or qualified, I’ve never claimed to be, but I can certainly vouch that everyone needs to try tracking foods, or even seeking out professionals to assist with their goals if that’s up your boat. Tune in for day 4, where a bit more consistency has taken hold and progress can visibly be seen!!!!! See you tomorrow for day 4!

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