Project 10: Be Humble, Show Humility, Lose the Ego

It’s hard to have the most positive mindset all the time, especially when we’re leading busier and busier lifestyles everyday. The way you wake up and the mentality you have in the morning dictates how you seize the day ahead.

But I’m one to vouch for this: when you wake up tired, exhausted or downright miserable, mainly due to all the busy in your life, it’s easy to go into the negative, judgmental, downward spiral.

I’m guilty of this daily. Yet I’m working hard at making sure I stay humble and lose all judgments.

When you show humility and are humble in your everyday, you start to become a different person. I was always of the impression the world owed me something, I found out hard it didn’t.

When you actively go out your way and stop being judgmental of others you open up amazing opportunities. You develop relationships where previously you wouldn’t, identifying similarities and and at the same time allow yourself to always learn and grow as a person.

I work in a sales environment, selling chocolate for the UK’s largest brand, pretty fun ye! But on my bad days I’m SO guilty of sometimes being judgmental of clients prior to meeting them and it shoots me in the god damn foot every time. I walk into business meetings with an already decided situation, whether it’s your thoughts on an individual or the business circumstance, and it leaves you blinkered, limiting the opportunities of every sales situation. You can see how this would effect such a target driven environment.


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This also transfers over to life 100% too.

When you’re judging people you’re taking the focus off you, your goals and your learning. Judging is also very easily identifiable in others, so realise when you’re doing it and instead focus on how you can improve as an individual. When you put yourself in this position, you’re setting yourself as someone who people can go to and seek support from, now a position of giving than taking and sapping.

Ego is good to lose as well. The world owes you nothing. If you go into a situation where you think you have nothing to learn, you’re setting yourself up for failure, or possibly worse, injury if it’s a sport you partake in. I sprained both my shoulders at the same time when, as a novice at weightlifting, thought I could handle the heavy weights set aside for people with years of experience. If i stepped back and realised I was hindering my own efforts and took this as an opportunity to learn and grow at the right pace, I wouldn’t have set myself 6 months behind in my training with effects still to this day, maybe a year and a half later.

Don’t let injury or missed opportunities get in the way of your life. Be humble, accept you can grow as a person in every way and reap those rewards.


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