Project 10: Live Your Life

And for the final top ten tip to better your lifestyle and well-being, all I’d say is:


Just live your life, don’t sit in third gear, adventure beyond that, you can always go back down to third… This was something I’ve learned over the last year, that there’s a tonne more things to do in life than be in a job idly going by. There’s a load more activities or adventure to bite your teeth into other than the same training every day. There’s a hell of a lot more exciting things than being that person that never has pancakes (don’t judge, I love them man). I learned that the hard way, by taking myself way too seriously and alienating people around me. Trust me, you don’t want to be that guy.



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But the one piece of advice I’d say to anyone going forward now from my experience, and really what to me now seems common sense is this: You’ll experience a shit tonne of peaks and troughs over months and years, but at the end of the day time is the one currency you have all control over. Spend that currency wisely, investing time into things that make you happy and you’ll live a more fulfilling life. Sure you’ll have troughs, life happens and throws a huge curveball, but in time you’ll get past that, and hopefully you’ll realise that you have a say in what you want to do.

Take advantage and embrace all those unusual encounters or opportunities that come your way, especially don’t let any one person dictate how you should live your life and what you should do. I couldn’t care less if someone throws banter at me for going to the RHS Flower Show (shhh) and you shouldn’t care about what people think you’re up to, especially if it’s negative and holding you back.

One adventure I grasped the opportunity for was a 2500km road trip in India in January. Who knows what I’ll do after that, but I’ll be confident I won’t regret it!

Thanks everyone for joining me on this trip with Project 10, It’s been a bit of a discovery!! I’ll sum it all up in a post tomorrow.


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