Project 10: Get Outdoors

It’s easy to forget there’s a huge country outside our jobs, home and personal life. In my case realisation hits when I go on one of the few camping trips a year I do. And only when I’m there do I think, ‘why the hell do I not do this more?’. Recently I repeated this to myself more times than I’d like to imagine just trotting up Pendle Hill in Lancashire, it was an incredible bit of escapism.

The British countryside is easily one of the most picturesque you will find. Sure it’s not the dramatic Rocky Mountains or rolling Rain orests of Borneo, but it’s that which is the beauty in my eyes.

Five miles outside of Manchester in any direction can find you an amazing bit of space, like the peak district. A bit further afield you have Snowdonia and The Lakes. Even more further afield you have Scotland. The scenery in my opinion is just as dramatic and just as challenging or easy in any way you want it to be.


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Anyone who is a regular walker will testify to how nice the escapism is. It’s when you find yourself on top of a huge ass hill and think, ‘how did I actually get here’, that you start appreciating what you’re doing. I believe taking time out to go and wander the country, or even your more nearby rural areas is fantastic for the head, giving yourself space to think about things going on in your life and a good amount of reflection.

I’m getting all rah rah rah again, but I’m proper buzzing now as I’m going to Loch Lomond in three weeks and running around Scotland just getting away from it all in a tent, going to Oban and at least to the Ben Nevis area, all within five days. And I can’t wait because I know getting myself out in the open is a fantastic removal from the everyday things I deal with and is one of the best times for reflection, as well as some top exercise. I just give good props to anyone I walk with having faith in me to navigate wilderness, I don’t even know if i’m on the right trail myself at times. 

The outdoors may have some obstacles, and obstacles generally don’t come as big as a mountain. But the process of eventually being able to overcome a mountain is definitely one I’d recommend to you or anyone I know, for more reasons other than the sheer addictive fun. In fact, in two weeks I’ve decided I’m going to scale Snowdon, the fun way, watch this space…

Take charge of the outdoors!

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