Project 10: Laugh

I wasn’t going to do a blog post tonight. I was moping around, complaining about being tired and shit, and was going to jump into bed with The Da Vinci Code (good book).

Then I remembered why I was going on this whole journey with everyone, to have fun and hopefully help people become aware of how easy it actually is to have a healthier lifestyle.

You may be tired in life, or have a few days where you really can’t be arsed, but there’s really no need to take yourself so seriously, you’re alive today and you shouldn’t go forward one more step without being a happier you if you can help it.

Ye, there’ll be hard days where you can’t be bothered and have low energy levels, but don’t hang around in that grey area for too long. Dust yourself down, take a look at yourself in the mirror and grow a pair, is what I got told.

When you stop taking yourself and life so seriously you start living without inhibitions and with more confidence and air. No one wants to be around someone who’s too serious, and no body wants to take on your negativity.

Grow the figurative pair, have a laugh. Don’t take your diet, training, job or whatever it is you should enjoy in life too seriously. I fell into a chalk bucket in weightlifting class today. The best laugh and distraction I’ve had in a while….



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