Compare (and despair)

This is one of my favourite sayings. I have to give credit for this to someone who inspired me to set up my own blog, someone who I’ve actually never met but someone who still acts as a mentor. Key word is inspired, here.

That someone is called John-Lee Dumas from the company EOFire. They manage to be a business mentor to me and offer inspiration from across the globe, offering daily podcasts on business and entrepreneurial life. BRILLIANT stuff.

But that’s where it ends. From an inspirational point of view its fantastic stuff, gets me off my arse in the morning when it’s gloomy (oh hi, Manchester).

Comparisons are great. I look at myself and compare myself to a professional athlete and think, wow, wouldn’t it be great to get to that stage. Or wouldn’t it be great to own such a successful company like she does. I wish I had the muscle mass like he does… (it’s a guy thing I think). Moving on.

It’s all good comparing, but comparing risks judging yourself as to where they are in the world. Instead, use that an inspiration to fuel where you want to be.

Compare and despair. The only thing that will happen when you spend a while comparing yourself to something else is bad feelings.

The ONLY person you should compare yourself to is who you were yesterday. If you’ve bettered that, well, you just won today.


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