Hello world :)

Hello world! 🙂

Welcome to my very first blog post.

I’ve decided to set up this blog in order to act as a go-to resource for everything health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. Personally I love food to no end and so will always be chirping on about my love of it and so the array of future products I’m planning on releasing with Charge Nutrition. My aim is to make this blog of interest to anyone and everyone interested in the areas previously mentioned, no matter whether you’re a beginner or someone who has a slight knowledge of these areas, all the way through to if you’re even a professional in these subjects who’d benefit from a dose of motivation or any small detail from this blog….

But first who am I to give or provide information on these subjects? Well, I’ll introduce myself!

I’m Dan, a 26 year old fitness and health enthusiast who wants to strive for a better, more fulfilling lifestyle everyday. My main energy output is in CrossFit and weightlifting of which takes 5-6 evenings (or mornings…) each week. I’ve been doing this for two years now and since am completely loving life! I’m surrounded everyday by world renowned coaches, physios and athletes and definitely believe I have things to pass on to anyone!

By degree I studied Forensic Chemistry before finding a career in the forensic industry. However now my journey has taken me to the role of Sales Development Executive (Field Sales Rep) for Cadbury’s, surely the world’s best chocolate!! Go figure… This has allowed me though to channel my love in meeting new individuals everyday within a business capacity, as well as working with some incredible brands.

But what all this has in common is my passion for pursuing things that challenge and force me to grow and improve myself as an individual. This being my first sales job too, everyday is a challenge and a learning curve, but so is everyday in my training and nutrition endeavours. But this is where I get my kick, from in the gym and out, the pursuit of a goal that I think will make me buzz and grant a benefit to my lifestyle. All the reason I’ve started this blog too, as whilst I’m writing this I can myself jabbing the keyboard aggressively in excitement. STOP.

But this is why I want to get more people chasing that fulfilling lifestyle. The mental and physical benefits of the changes I’ve made deserve to be passed on! So I’m going to stop banging on about why I’m setting up this blog, and instead ask to look around, check out the other couple of live articles, leave a few comments and join this new community I’m trying to create. A tonne of quality articles and services are going to come from within this blog so join in, follow on all our social media and join in!

Can’t wait to encounter you who wants to join me on this journey. Stick around and charge up your life 😉






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