Get out your comfort zone!

I’ve probably been accused a few times of not wanting to get out my comfort zone. I enjoy the easy routes sometimes, and appreciate them when they come round. But where I’ve experienced the best feelings in life is when I’ve gone out my way to try and achieve something, and when the roads been bumpy and tough, just powered through.

Recently I took up playing the piano, about 7 months ago. At first I couldn’t play a single note without knowing it’s relevance. I took up some lessons, tried to practice everyday and it massively payed off, learning some relatively mediocre songs in quick periods of time. It’s the weeks I didn’t practice that I noticed myself making no progress. I’d go to my lesson the next week and sit there, empty minded, absolutely no clue what my teacher was telling me about. All because I preferred to binge watch that Game of Thrones only to feel mentally numb afterwards. I now have a calendar reminder every evening to touch the piano at least once, that way when i actually touch the keys I usually end up messing about for 20 minutes on it, better than nothing.

But it was getting out that comfortable binge watching mindset which granted me a new skill and potentially an exam on the not too distant horizon for grade one piano! I still binge watch game of thrones, just now after I’ve touched the piano. Shame I have no clue about the storyline… :/

I also recently became single after a year and a half relationship. And one thing I learnt from taking time to think about things after that was that I never really truly pushed myself out my comfort zone. I never went travelling, always wanted to. I never really played an instrument since I was 10, but i realised this before hand and decided to take a challenge. I never learnt a new language since I was 15 either, massive shame, what a skill that is!

But that’s where I’ve now jumped on any chance I can to broaden my skill set and challenge myself. I’m now going to India in January to travel with a great mate, specifically a 3000km road trip from Delhi to Goa, what am i doing?! I wouldn’t have done this 6 months ago, but realising i was cruising in my comfort zone was the best thing to ever happen. I’m now so excited for the experience to come from this amazing journey. Same thing with this blog, I’m tired but I know writing this article is a great channel for me to send positive vibes out to the world and am feeling great from making progress with something I wanted to do.

When you get out your comfort zone though great things happen! You’ll either learn something or achieve something, maybe both. Just make sure you do something that challenges you or pushes you often. You’ll feel amazing for doing so.


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