Project 10: Exercise

Exercise is such a funny word. To me its connotations of making sure your dog has had enough time running outside for the day, but at the same time it’s a very logical way to look at it. Get out and active, and have fun, expend your energy! I am a dog…

It’s important to be active if you’re aiming towards getting healthier or better as a human. Sure you can be ‘healthy’ having the perfect diet and ending it there, but is it really healthy to be so stuck in that mindset of that’s all you can do to keep healthy. No way, getting some exercise is so much more than that, and it makes you a much more well-rounded individual.

The stress-relieving benefits of exercise are known in abundance, as well as promoting a lower risk of heart disease, strokes and type 2 diabetes. But exercise also acts as a channel for your daily worries and stress. Think of it as a system, absorbing all your daily worries or stress. If you’re not exercising or don’t really have much mental or physical output, you’re more likely to tip over the edge. That’s how I feel anyway. After a stressful period of time or something that’s just downright annoying me, I ALWAYS feel better for getting in the gym. Never have I regretted going. Except when I forgot to take my earphones to a gym session once, horrible!


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But it doesn’t have to stay in the gym. You can get fit and healthy doing anything, just move, get active. Whatever comes to mind about you getting active and feel like you’re doing some physical work, do it. Just make sure you enjoy it. It’s worth discovering a physical output you enjoy than do what many people do and go to the gym unhappy, with no clear goals and no real fulfillment for being there.

The best physical output I found was CrossFit. Never have I had so much fun in my training, so much so it inspired me to do this blog and reach out to people. But to me CrossFit provided me the competitive atmosphere I craved along with an amazing community of people I can also call mates. But think about what excites you or drives you and experiment on different ways you can get active.

If it’s your first step to getting active, think about setting realistic goals, such as starting out for 5, 10, 15 minutes, if you can, and increasing it to 30 when it’s less challenging. You don’t have to aim for 30 minutes if that’s not achievable (yet), just start.

If it’s getting to the gym and having no idea of what to do when you get there, actively try and find resources to learn what you can do! is an unreal resource for advice on specific exercises you can do in the gym, to training plans and nutrition help, look on the forums as well, it’s all cracking advice to get started.

A great insight into training as a beginner is thisIf you can implement the whole 7 days in it, great, but If not no worries, absorb all the info here and start to apply all the points listed. Points such as emptying your cupboards of crappy foods and sugary things is a great one, so too is how to get started with weights.

If you want a better challenge check out the tonnes of monthly or 3-monthly training plans going on hereThese aren’t built for every individual’s needs though, check out a plan and take aspects from it, but say if that diet was way too restrictive for you in the plan, experiment a bit. Look at these plans as a guide where you can incorporate tips into your nutrition and training, a lot of the plans are great and fun in the gym! They’re all just tips and a guide. Just don’t plough yourself into the ground with a diet that isn’t meant for you or your activity levels, I genuinely think I quit a past job over a bad diet, ha!


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What I’m trying to highlight here are just a few things you can do to get started, or continue, in getting active or open up avenues for people. I strongly believe individuals who are training more seriously too can incorporate some tips and exercise additions listed in some of the plans on, I still do to this day.

Let me know what you’re thoughts on getting into exercising is, or the problems you face in exercise. You can find me here in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter. (or if you’ve ever quit a job over a bad diet too)



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