The 9 Things To Nutrition – Get Consistent

Here we go, week 3 and step three of the 9 things you should work through to develop the BEST nutritional strategy you ever had for your goal.

I want to move away from the word ‘diet’ and instead use strategy as that’s what we’re doing. Trying to ascertain the single best way we can drive your goals based on the data and circumstances we know at hand. Simple!

Today it’s about consistency and I’m going to open with a quote:

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier.



I hate to be cheesey or not very sexy, but sadly consistency is the bread and butter of any training or nutritional strategy. I strive to not be perfect everyday, but I do strive to turn up every single day to drive my goals. And I’d like to reiterate i’m no way near perfect in my training or nutrition, and I vouch a tonne of people and even professional atheletes are the same. But if I keep truning up every day to drive my goals, i’m still focussed on the prize but also weaving life into the mix.

For instance, I LOVE my food, it’s a blessing and a curse and it’s why I’m so fascinated about nutrition. But I HAVE to go out and eat at least once a week, maybe more – I just love the whole experience. You can be right though, when i eat out I’m not accurately using myfitnesspal, but the fact is I try, and that’s me driving consistency.

I could choose to screw off the whole day and track none of my food if I accepted that my objective was missed for the day because of a fun meal. But I choose not to see it like that, at least 90% of the time. I’ll do what I can to guestimate my meal and it’s macros, whilst also incorporating some sort of willpower in the day in order to keep an eye on my goal but also keep the ba;ance in my life of having fun. That’s what’s important to me, weaving intensity in the things I want to do such as nutrirtional goals within my personal life and having fun at the same time.

Take the training analogy. I REALLY don’t enjoy hanging around in the gym for 2+ hours. Although I LOVE the gym, I can’t stand wasting time being doing something in two hours when it can be done in one. I’m also physically not into just training for 2 hours in a gym capacity, traditional sports however are a different story. So where I get my most gains from are just turning up at the gym, literally…

In my personal programming my coach does for me it can get pretty intense at times, just froma volume capacity and intensity point. If i think about it I don’t enjoy every workouts truthfully but I know getting through them are key to driving my performance and physique goals. So I literally just force myself to get there. I’ll drink some pre-workout to feel obliged to gym, I’ll make myself feel guilty for potentially not going to the gym and literally just turn up, do the workout and go, no fluff…

If I do this 5 times a week, suddenly I’ve had one of the best workout weeks I’ve had in half a year, just be turning up, being focussed and droing the workout. Ye some of those may not have been good form, some of the workouts I probably could’ve stuck around for half an hour extra and work my weaknesses, but at the end of the day I’ve done my 5 days of training this week. And that only breeds momentum.

All of a sudden I’ve a new found appreciate for the training, and am eager to get my next set of programming for the week to come. And that’s where my results come from, if you just go through the motions you’ll actually put yourself in a much better position than trying to make every, single, day or workout perfect…

That’s key to me. Right now I’m coming out of training burnout and just need the momentum to pick back up and doing what I’ve just discussed has driven that the most for me..



So where does this come into nutrition?

It’s exactly the same, it’s just a matter of turning up every single day you can. I had a streak on Myfitnesspal of 180 days logging previously.That was 180 days of implementing something in a day before I was ill for a week with flu. Devastating! And being honest it showed, I was in the best shape ever, but I wasn’t worried about getting it perfect every day and hitting my macro ‘target’s bang on every single day, I just had to to metaphorically turn up and keep my goals at the forefront of my mind somewhat.

It’s really about generating momentum, that’s where the biggest successes will come from. If I could keep on seeing the progress I’m making and made it as simple as I could and kept driving this routine. In no way am I perfect, haha! Very far from it, I’ve so many flaws in my own nutrition and as a coach I’m blind to subjectivity in myself. But it’s hard trying to get perfect every day, you know this… The mental toll and stress it puts yourself under can mount up, and with a subject such as nutrition it’s been shown many times over that trying to be perfect and being OCD can 100% lead to eating disorders on both ends of the scale… The affect this will have on your life is truly a burden, being quite frank, and from my experience affects most people daily who struggle with eating disorders.

You have to weave having fun and everyday life into it. At the end of the day I love my food and I’d be damned if I ever punished myself for eating something or restricting a specific food from my diet out of thought of it being the devil…

Great, Dan, quit with the hype BS, what can do?

Well thanks for your patience… 🙂

The question really is what does consistency look like for you. There’s 100’s of people reading this blog, and it’ll be different for everyone so wo ‘t categorically say do this.

You need to develop a routine to drive your goal of choice, however.

You need to simply keep allowing yourself to turn up daily. I’m helping a mate with their diet for free, and not even on a committed scale, just general advice. But they’re using the advice I give them and implementing it to an average level. But they’re staying focussed and although they could be losing more weight if they threw themselves in and committed and made better changes, they’re still turning up everyday and making progress with weight loss to a lesser degree.

Some people will think that’s a failure but look at the fact, they lost weight, they’re still enjoying life and just through being more consistent than the other individual.

So what does it look like? The consistency I ask for in a client typically revolves around turning up everyday and driving their nutrition, and at least try… That’s a bare minimum, I can’t help otherwise…

I also ask them to hit their macro targets within +/-5g daily. Doing this allows us to see a baseline of their current consumption. For instance, I know if a client is eating 2200 calories a day, every single day, and they feel hungry this day in particular, then they’re probably in a calorie deficit and driving weight loss. GREAT if that’s your goal, but if it’s performance-related then a surprlus is required and then we know we need to give them more fuel/food.

And we’ve identified that just by being consistent every day, and that is literally our foundation as to how we coach clients. Drive consistency, listen to their body, implement an adjustment based on how their body feels. Without the consistency we won’t know as certain if what they’re body is expereiencing is the best choice to make and ultimately I’d be guessing, and I’m not in that business…


Closing Thoughts – Get Consistent

Dieting (shivers down my spine) is way too complicated nowadays. We need to take a backstep towards simplicity. Most of you are looking for the quick fix pill, or the ‘magic diet’ that will shed your weight.

But it really comes down to how much you can implemnent the nutritional strategy (read: diet) that works for you.

I’m not even bullshitting. There’s too much complication in everything nutrition nowadays. But it is IMPERATIVE you establish a baseline of how much you eat daily.

If you get consistent at knowing your baseline you can adjust your calories on a respectable level to drive your goal. We’ll get to the specifics of what to do for the strategy in a later week. Being honest there’s no point giving any nutritional strategy at all if there’s no consistency yet. That’s just complicating things and you’re not in the right place for change yet.

But if you keep turning up every single day you will develop momentum, enjoy life and also keep an eye on your goals. Small changes every day are SO much better than big changes that come around once every couple of months (hello yo-yo dieter over there 🙂 ).

If you came here expecting more actionable content then I’m sorry. But you need consistency before you have more strategy. Without consistency we’d be guessing, simple as.

And if you’re telling me you want the actionable strategy now then ask yourself this:

Are you progressing how you want currently? And do you have a sustainable diet/daily nutrition in place that you can hold longer than a month?

If not, then there’s an underlying step missing, and chances are you lack a consistent foundation to build on…

If you have these in place then just keep turning up. Your hunger, and lack of, is a fantastic indicator at what your body is needing for your daily activity. This is what you should be listening to if so…

Next week we’ll discuss appetite and hunger and how you can recognise both these key body responses and what it means to your ‘diet’ (shivers internally).

Until then, please just keep turning up! 🙂

You’re here because you want to drive your goals but I beg you it doesn’t need to be complicated or have a killer tip.

Simply turn up, smash the day and what’s important to you, smile, laugh and have fun…



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Great dinner tonight!! I had some honeyed mackerel, new pots with herbs and butter and my standard frozen veg (lots of it). 👌🏻 Great to get some varied food in such as fish, it tastes incredible! . The macros in this bad boy were 63gC/58gF/50gP. Truth be told I'm a tiny bit skeptical of the fat reading on the packet of mackerel, for only 200g of it it read 50g fat, I'm not buying it…. . But the beauty is as I've been eating the same calories every day if I'm noticeably hungrier tomorrow I know I may have shorted myself on some fat, we'll just have to see. . At the end of the day your nutrition and the strategy you implement is only achieved through trial and error when we don't have access to scientific analyses. Things like hunger, workout performance and energy levels are enough though to give a GREAT insight into how your current nutrition is treating you. . It all comes down to consistency 👌🏻 As long as you're consistent you can make judgements on those bio-feedback measures, especially if you're feeling battered… . #chargenutrition #health #fitness #nutrition #iifym #iifymgirls #macros #macrofriendly #macrocoach #flexibledieting #fit #fitspo #fitfam #diet #fuel #training #gym #strength #cardio #workout #instafit #crossfit #nutritionist #nutritioncoach #determination #progress #instagood #cleaneating #mealprep #healthy

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