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End Of Week 4: My Nutrition Journey

Hey team! Hope you’re all having a top weekend.

So I’ve made it to the half way stage of my nutrition program, and I’m learning more and more every week. I’m actually really chuffed with my consistency this week. My target this week was to hit 200g Protein, 300g Carbohydrates and 120g Fat every day and I came within +/- 4g of my target every day that I didnt hit it bang on the 0g left mark.

That consistency in my diet every day has shed a new light on things. Because I’ve been so consistent my true hunger has appeared. As such, Monday through Thursday I found myself starving before I got to lunch time, something I’ve not experienced since I started this program. And in light of this I’m now understanding why I need to be so bloody consistent. At least I’m eating nice healthy food out like this:




If I’m not consistent my body isn’t going to adjust to how much fuel is really required to recover from my training, build strength or maintain a decent energy during the day. It’s essentially me being absolutely clueless of how much fuel my body needs and it reacting accordingly with cravings and at times not wanting to eat.

Because I have been so consistent it’s uncovered the hole that is my hunger which means, actually, my targets aren’t enough for the level of training I’m doing. I’m getting hungry because I’m not giving my body enough food to recover or maintain my energy from the demands I’m putting on it. Makes sense!

In a nutshell, my body, through the oh-so awful voice that is hunger, is telling me to eat more to recover. And that’s exactly what my coach has picked up on by increasing my Carbohydrate target for the next week and beyond.

Now before I get so excited and embrace the fact I can eat ice cream, lose weight, hit my macros and build strength, I re-read the message from her which said, increase it by 10g of carbs a day from now on, so that’s 310g a day.

“Not exactly a lot…”, I thought. But that extra 10g may be my body’s ideal carbohydrate intake to refuel, recover and re-smash my workouts. So I’m chuffed I’m actually getting really consistent with my diet, aiming to prioritise 30g fibre over the other macros as this promotes me to reach for whole, quality foods instead of sugary foods. Anyway, I’m babbling on.

So we’re going to see how my hunger goes this week. Obviously the more training I do outside my normal training routine of 5 days a week, will affect how hungry I am, as my initial carb intake was based on my level of activity. I’ve just gotta be patient, stick it out and see If I get any PB’s in the gym next week!!!



I’ve really enjoyed this week though. I’m focusing on the things I enjoy. I bought a new bike so I’ve gone all happy and soppy for cycling.

I’ve made some incredible food such as the picture above. Watch this space for an article later on the recipe for this, it was so healthy and doesn’t break the diet or the bank whatsoever.

I hate to admit it but I’m really excited that I bought the above plate so I can take hipster pictures and join the world in becoming an obnoxious food presentation snob (wanker). One word I heard this week to my hilarity!!

But I’m starting to feel as if I’m getting better taking photographs and editing them. And this only interests me as I realise Instagram is a really cool place where you can get your daily dose of motivation and inspiration for food or exercise when you need it most.

I also bought two cookbooks by Jamie Oliver, which I’ve ehard some people say he’s not their cup of tea. But the recipes in his Everday Superfood and Superfood Family Classics new books just ooze inspiration and excitement, especially as thy’re all so good ideas for proper macro-friendly meals. I encourage everybody to check them out, only because they’re so healthy.

I’m also starting to creep back up in weight now too, 82kg so the carbs I’m having are definitely helping. We’ll see what the extra 10g a week does for me, it could be perfect, it may not be enough. Like I said it’s a long-haul game. I’m not in this for a fad diet, I’m here for the lifestyle change and to drive my performance in the gym and the competitions come next year. So watch this space 🙂

Thanks for tuning in this week again. I’m going to switch my main nutrition update to Sunday as that’s when I get my check in from my coach, so it makes sense.

Otherwise, I hope you all have a fantastic rest of weekend and thanks, as always for checking out my journey and blog with Charge Nutrition. This is continuously going to better and bigger places everyday, and without your support I couldn’t make it that.

Keep in touch, and I’ll see you guys when I post my ‘taste sensation’ recipe, asI described it, tomorrow morning.

Stay safe, charge up!




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