End of Week 3: My Nutrition Journey

Hey Team,

Been a while, a week specificaly! In between procrastinating (we all do it, don’t judge), work, chasing new endeavours in my spare time and just chilling whilst feeling a bit under the weather, I’ve managed to squeeze some productive juices in there, promise!

One thing I’ve been battling this week is sheer laziness. I trained twice last week, ate out four times, bought all my lunches at unnecessarily expensive eateries and just plain did nothing at times.

Oh and this happened:



What!? We all have to have a bit of fun!! And what beautiful fun it is. I’ve put off buying a bike for over a year and am chuffed I finally got one. Awesome maiden voyage too!

I digress! I guess what I’ve learned that if you’re being lazy to rest up, that’s fine for a while. If I were getting lazy and forgetting about my goals that’s where a change would be necessary. Yup I played video games one day after work all day. I can’t remember the last time I did that, not for a while. I think I was feeling a little burnt out so finding the energy to sit down and write at times was hard to fathom. What I didn’t do was lose sight of what I wanted, each day of my lazy week I did something to push me towards my end goal: to position myself more of an authority in nutrition and give sound advice.

One thing I wasn’t happy about were my macros. I went tits up on my them and in terms of targets ended 5 days out of 7 +/- 20g for my macros each day. This got a rather surprisingly comment from my nutrition coach who said that this week I should just aim to hit my macros within +/- 5g. She could’ve told me where to go for that effort that week but she didn’t. Thanks 🙂

That was really because I was eating out so much and playing complete guesswork when it came to recording what I was eating. Check out my lovely meal though!! Healthier option too!



Other things I’ve been into is reaching out to power players in the nutrition industry. As some of you may know I’m trying to train myself to go down the line of being a Nutrition Consultant, someone who can give sound advice on nutrition and change and adjust over time with clients. That’s involved me reaching out to people in a position of knowledge, experience and credibility and in turn has resulted in one influencer saying he can offer me mentorship. Buzzing! Quite simply, I’m hoping to have access to a range of huge quality resources and much experience because of this, guiding me down the road to a nutrition consultant. Watch this space 🙂

One more exciting development in the world of nutrition-themed blogging was getting contacted by a relatively new company in the health foods market and have been asked if I’d be interested in reviewing a few of their products for the community we’re all a part of here. In turn they get exposure to potential customers, our end: we get samples of said products and ideas of what to use products for and means I’ll be cooking and experimenting with them. It’s a cool little development which shows this blog is having some impact somewhere, albeit maybe slight. Proper excited though!! Watch this space no.2.

That’s a bit of a snapshot of what’s been going on in my week though.

It doesn’t have to be a Monday though to have a fresh start, you have every day to make a one, don’t keep putting it off. That’s not me taking the high route, that’s me saying what I wish I thought when I was wallowing in self pity!!

If you’re getting lazy about something and you can sense it, just check in with yourself and make sure you’re doing something for the right reasons. Or maybe just a quick check that you need to make a fresh approach to something. My fresh approach is just relaxing about the content I’m pushing out at Charge Nutrition. I’ve slightly shifted that and am trying to create content around 4 pillars and that’s proving to be a bit more inspiring and lessens the pressure my end.

And that’s a top place for a sign off: Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. The last thing you need is burning out. Have fun, live life, ride the ups and downs but keep your vend goal in sight and always try and finely adjust the plane that is your life to that end point. It doesn’t need to swerve violently to get there.

Keep positive, stay strong, Charge Nation.

Catch you soon for more content.






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