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“Simple Nutrition, Changing Lives, Driving Potential™”

What do we do?

Charge Nutrition & Fitness embodies a fun and simple approach to Nutrition, Personal Training and Outdoor Fitness.
If we’re not educating nutrition coaching clients 1-2-1 on simple, powerful behavioural change habits to drive their desired goals then we’re probably training them in Personal Training sessions or our awesome outdoor Bootcamps!
My name’s Dan Rogerson, and I’m the owner of Charge Nutrition & Fitness. We call our services ChargeUp, let me tell you more about what we do.

Why ChargeUp by Charge Nutrition?

We have three different services at Charge Nutrition & Fitness at the minute:
  • Weekly Nutrition Coaching
  • 1-2-1 Personal Training
  • Outdoor Bootcamps

“ChargeUp” is a nutrition programme tried and tested for the last couple years to some great success.
The processes involved helped over the past 12 years nearly 50,000 men and women, just like you, who have lost over 1,000,000 pounds of body fat collectively, and keep it off, as well as leading much healthier lives. This is a process I am certified with from a company called Precision Nutrition, check them out here:
The pure goal of ChargeUp™, whatever services you choose, is to help you get leaner, stronger, or better in your sport, life and body, through the main avenue of powerful habit coaching.

How does our Nutrition Program work then?

Primarily this program works by offering you weekly-focussed habit coaching which are essential to leading a life of health, wellness, fat loss strength, muscle gains and athletic performance. The lives we lead are busy, so it’s our belief the best way to address this is to offer sticky, powerful 5-minute style habits which when combined over 3, 6, 12 months are the foundation to life-long wellness.
We have one coaching call or check-in a week, in your chosen style of communication and chat about how the last week has been. From here we then establish a new objective for that week, be it building up more wholesome foods in your diet, or simply getting more self aware with aspects of nutrition or fitness, we take this one week at a time and I’m always here to coach.
Secondly – you will receive as much support as you desire. I am here to support you making beneficial change, I mean if you reach out and contact me at 12am I’m probably not going to answer as we should both be asleep… 😉 But I’m a text away from support, that or as far away as you want me to be!
The systems we create allow us to either tailor a specific calorie ‘macronutrient’ amount to eat on a daily basis. Or go natural and eat what feels natural to you. Our sole objective is to simply create a cleaner, consistent, more wholesome diet that’s sustainable for your goal – be it weight loss, muscle growth or even general health.
It’s powerful stuff! And really simple, we just focus on one small habit a week to improve or change

So where do we go from here?

The first step is to get started with the program we offer and sign up on our product page.
The systems we use are on our own servers, just simply fill out the questionnaire which takes about 10 minutes. This gives a thorough understanding of your current life and exercise circumstances, food preferences current habits and most importantly: your goals! I’m the one who will be using this information to support and assist you in smashing you goal of choice together.
Then, I’ll email you a quick-start guide to get you started with some solid, individual nutrition guidelines based on your questionnaire.
Then, you’re ready to start ChargeUp™ Coaching and the journey starts on the Monday after you complete your questionnaire.
That doesn’t mean it’s meaningless week, I’ll ask that we track our food intake for a week to see where we currently are.
That’s it – apart from getting access to some bathroom scales and a tape measure to record your progress (skin calipers too for bonus points), both will allow us to track progress accurately.

What happens when we get started?

You and I will have a lot of communication together via your communication tool of choice – Email, text, WhatsApp, pigeon mail…  Your call!
You are responsible for driving your own progress in coaching. YOU need to reach out every week and just check in with me with a few small paragraphs and rate how things are going. We also have a spreadsheet to fill out purely to track our daily metrics, this will all be discussed. But the emphasis has to be on you to drive it. I’m not a cheerleader, I just need to use my time carefully to help you, not chase you. Although the cheerleading aspect of motivation is still there!
This is one day at a time, one week at a time, one habit we agree at the start of the week to drive at a time. We highly encourage and support this method as taking too much on (like what most of us do in other situations) is often the downfall to our goals.
Within ChargeUp™ we can then record some body measurements every few weeks (weight measurements, bodyfat % if need be, and progress pictures if happy to). These will help show us the progress we make – always a plus when we looking for the progress!

Ready to sign up?!

Click Here and Charge Up Your Nutrition Today!!!

If you sign up and pay today we’ll get you started straight away and you’ll hear back from me instantly!

What about our other services?

So I also offer Personal Training sessions locally if you live close by to Altrincham, Manchester, and also incorporate home visits to train too. But by arrangement if you wanted I could create some personally tailored online programming for you to do yourself to drive goals. This I don’t do as much as in-person training but is a cheaper yet still powerful option should you be unable to meet in person to train.
My favourite service is our ChargeUp Bootcamps! This is a 3-day-a-week bootcamp with numerous sessions per day with the main objective just to have some really cool, social fun! Whether you’re new to training or experienced we use a variety of bodyweight exercises and fun equipment all hauled into a local park!
Throw in a few hills, some Battle Ropes, skipping ropes, agility ladders, slam balls and anything else outdoorsy you can think of, it’s just great fun! We offer a monthly membership for access to these or choose to pay as you go!
Otherwise, I’m really keen to get working with you…
Together, we can change your life and have some serious fun.
I can’t wait to get started with you with whicher service you choose.
I can’t brag about all our services here so hit me a message up over at @ChargeNutrition or email at if you have any concerns or questions about any of our services.
Coach Dan
Charge Nutrition & Fitness
“Simple Nutrition. Changing Lives. Driving Potential”