Project 10: Chill out

Here’s my fourth point on the top ten tips to a healthy well-being, a simple one;


There I’ve said. Don’t be afraid to have day off once in a while, at least in your training. You should also try and usher this ‘relaxation’ into your personal time if you can too, outside your training.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, it was however built brick by brick, slowly and surely.


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Like Rome, your goals are made bit by bit, with consistency, but if you don’t have the occasional day off or more importantly, a rest day thrown in there every so often, you’ll do more harm than good.

Injury, burnout, decreased motivation. Don’t let these stop your goals or bring you down. Nothing is more important for both your body and your head than a welcomed bit of relaxation and recovery.

Disclaimer: In noooo way does that give you the green light to curb your training or your diet for a week, I’m just giving you the green light to let yourself rid the guilt from relaxing once in a while.

Find your relaxation in whatever way you can. Meditation, yoga, walking, a holiday, or just doing something a bit less intense. But you’re in this for the long haul! Don’t take the piss. Chill, recover, have fun and smash those goals faster. Let’s do this!



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