Why it’s important to listen to your body.

Today a new chapter began because yesterday I passed my final Personal Training qualification!! 🙂 Now this may not completely mean anything to you unless we train together but for me it’s a HUGE step in the direction to becoming self employed, a journey orchestrated for nearly two years… Sounds a bit dramatic I know, […]

My Nutrition Journey – Week 2

It’s funny how hard it actually is to coach yourself. I guess at anything at all in life, it really is hard to look subjectively and not act emotionally when you’re the only person giving advice to yourself. That’s what’s happened to me with my nutrition – I actually chose to be cheap and not […]

Food – More than just nutrients…

You read it right! Food IS more than just nutrients. Hard to think though… With so many of us seeking out better nutrition to fuel our goals, our lives, and then stay in symbiosis with our hectic social lives, it’s hard to think food can be more than just nutrients to fuel us like we fuel a car. […]