Welcome to Charge Nutrition & Fitness.

Fitness and Nutrition coaching that’s personally tailored to you.

It’s Simple.

Here at Charge we coach Nutrition & Fitness, simply. FINALLY!

Our motto is: Simple Nutrition, Changing Lives, Driving Potential.

Charge Nutrition & Fitness is a solo-run coaching business ran by me – Dan, offering top of the line, personalised fitness and nutrition coaching for anyone seeking transformation goals, weight loss or muscle growth, or increased sporting performance in all capacities. As long as you’re active coaching could be a fantastic fit for you if you’re committed. Gym-heads, weight lifters, CrossFit, football, rugby, golf, ANY sport. You can 100% benefit from coaching if you’re seeking these goals and are an active individual in any capacity or sport.

We offer local group Bootcamp memberships, 1-2-1 personal training online and in person and personalised nutrition coaching.

If you KNOW you want to check out our Coaching options, check out our main page HERE for more on what we do!!

Along with coaching I write articles weekly for my Facebook page and growing online groups, as well as writing for high profile health and fitness companies such as Breaking Muscle and speaking at local and national events.

I highly recommend checking out the articles page at the top for everything I write as all the information to chase your goals is put out for free, it’s just applying the information at the end of the day that, honestly, people want help with.

If you’re certain you want some coaching, go ahead and visit the Shop and look at our options for Nutrition Coaching, local Bootcamps and Personal Training, online or in-person. Or you  can send us an email @ dan@chargenutrition.co.uk, on Facebook or message on messenger here and we can arrange a chat and decide if we’re a great fit to work together!

Otherwise, stick around, navigate to my facebook page and join in the public community and the current clients already chasing their dream goals today!


Dan 🙂

Coach & Owner

Charge Nutrition & Fitness